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Visitor Information:
V-Soft Visitor Monitoring System Policies and Procedures
The V-Soft Visitor Monitoring System is a tool being used by the Kasson-Mantorville School District to screen school visitors. V-Soft units are located at each building. For any person to gain entry into any of these buildings they will need to present a valid picture ID. After the picture ID is scanned, the V-Soft system will check to see if the person is a registered sex offender or if there are alerts that would prohibit him/her from being on school grounds or in contact with any students. 

If there is a flag on a visitor, an alert is automatically sent to the School Resource Officer and School Administrator.  If a visitor does not have identification, the SRO will be contacted to do a manual check through the Dodge County Sheriff's Office Dispatcher.  If a visitor refuses to give their ID, they will not be allowed in the building.  If there is a problem, the SRO will be contacted immediately.

Under no circumstances should a visitor be allowed into the building unless a visitor badge is printed, they have been cleared by the SRO and/or administrator, or they have proper school issued identification.

Visitors need to return to the office when they are done with their visit and sign out of the system. 
You're child's safety is our priority!

Contact: Nicky Wilke, Kasson-Mantorville High School Secretary