Frequently Asked Questions dealing with Mr. Matejcek’s Classroom
If you need further clarification, please feel free to contact me!
Q. How can my student complete all of their homework but still fail-do poorly on the test?(see the related question below)

A. A vast majority of the test questions come from the guided note packet that is provided to each student at the beginning of the unit-chapter, although the main ideas and topics follow the book in a general sense.

Q. My student does not do well on tests, do you have any suggestions?

A. Ask questions, find out how they are studying. Obviously, if it is a concern they need to analyze and change what they are doing to prepare for tests. Study in small sessions, break information down, pay attention to hints, complete reading and do homework purposely-completely, make flashcards, be able to answer questions in guided note packets, and PAY attention and focus in class!

Q. How are your grades weighted?

A. They are not necessarily weighted except at the end of the quarter. The School Board has directed us to have a final test or project that accounts for 20% of a student’s final grade. The other 80% comes from all other projects, test, daily work, etc. that is completed during the quarter. If your student is in a “skinny” class, this policy will be modified. A History Day project will account for the “final” 20% of the grade.

Q. My student often forgets their book or homework at school, what can I do to help?

A. Encourage them to utilize a planner to help remind them of those items. An electronic version of the book and the guided reading assignments can be accessed from my homepage.

Q. What are current events, when are they due?

A. This information can be accessed from my homepage

Q. My student says they never have any homework, is that true?

A. Probably NOT TRUE. They can always read over guided notes, make flashcards, and look ahead.

Q. Is there any extra credit?

A. NO….but periodically students have opportunities to gain an extra point here and there. But, there is not “built in” extra credit in the curriculum.
NOTE: students do get three hall passes(see policies section on homepage) at the beginning of the quarter. If they do not use them they may turn them in for 15 points at the end of the quarter. (this applies to block classes ONLY!)

Q. My student has trouble memorizing facts and dates, will they do poorly in class?

A. Not necessarily, even though some dates (July 4, 1776 for
example) are important, they DO NOT make up a large portion of the material. They are mostly used for context, perspective and reference. I will make sure to over- emphasize dates of importance! I do not accept this as an excuse for poor performance in class.

Q. My student does not like to speak in front of the class, will they have to do this frequently.

A. Occasionally. Current events are an opportunity for students to get up in front of the class and discuss what they have read. It is also a great opportunity for them to increase their comfort level in front of groups. Some projects will also require a presentation in front of the class.