Message to Parents / Guardians

K-M High School, home of the KoMets!
Dear parent or guardian,

Your son/daughter is an artist. Interest in drawing is a special gift. Encourage it and provide materials for it.
You may or may not find exceptional talent in your son/daughter, but the ability to draw is available to all. It is a natural way of responding to what we see. Too often, though, we put adult expectations on our sons/daughters and easily convince them that they cannot draw.

Learning to draw is really an exercise in perception. Help your son/daughter to strengthen his or her sensory awareness. Take "discovering walks" to feel tree bark, twigs, the smoothness of pebbles, the softness of a flower petal, the prickly surface of a thistle or seeds. Stop and look close at blades of grass, the shapes of different leaves. Look for basic shapes of subjects you are viewing.

Take sketching trips on your way to visit relatives or on vacations. Encourage your son/daughter to be aware of nature. Go to museums and art fairs to enjoy and observe the many unique art styles of drawings and paintings.

Display your son's/daughter's art work. A gallery somewhere in your home, or a scrapbook in which drawings will be kept, will affirm your support and approval.