Science with Mr. Kujath

Examining fossilized Dino footprints in WY!
Hello and welcome to 2019-20 science with Mr Kujath! The (winding!) path I took to arrive here at KM started a while ago at UW-River Falls where I majored in Bio. During that time I worked summers and weekends in a Neuroimmunology lab at Mayo. I then went to Milwaukee for further biological training at the Medical College of WI. I ultimately decided my true interests were in education and I obtained my teaching license through UW-Milwaukee. I taught in Milwaukee for two years, and then in Rochester for 7 before heading here to KM.  Several years ago I obtained my Masters degree in education from St. Mary's Univ. in Winona. My wife Jennifer teaches Kindergarten at the KM ES. 

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Contact: Jeff Kujath