Chemistry I

Chemistry is the study of the composition of matter in our world. This course will cover matter, energy, and physical properties. Laws of chemistry, as well as chemical measurements, will be studied. Chemistry 1 is a college prep chemistry class. A strong grasp of math skills is needed.  A non-programmable scientific calculator and lab notebook are required and chemical splash goggles can by purchased at the school store at a cost of approximately $7.00. Students are expected to stay ahead of lecture in the reading of the text. 



Chemistry II (college chemistry)


Offered through Southwest Minnesota State (SMSU) and Dr. John Hansen, this course runs all year and students receive 9 college credits; 6 credits for lecture and 3 credits for lab. Topics include structure of matter, bonding, nomenclature, stoichiometry, periodic laws, and thermochemistry. Required supplies include 2 notebooks, a lab notebook (non spiral), a non-programmable scientific calculator and chemical splash goggles.