Because Chemistry Matters...
Classroom Policies and Procedures
1.  Students are expected to be in assigned seat with all classroom materials (paper, writing utensil, calculator, covered book, lab notebook, and goggles) on time.  After 3 tardies, office detention will be assigned per student handbook.
2.  Students will show respect to all in the room and to all property.  Failure to do so will result in teacher detention and/or removal from the class as deemed appropriate by the teacher.
3.  Students will follow all safety rules.  Failure to do so will result in immediate removal from the class.
4.  All student work is to be placed in the appropriate basket before class begins.  No credit is given for late work.  Work is due before you are gone if a planned absense
5.  Make-up work must be turned in on time per student handbook in order to receive credit.  List the date(s) you have an excused absence and put the current date on all make up work turned in, in order to receive credit.
6.  It is extremely important for you to be present on lab and test days.  If you miss a test day you will be required to take the test immediately upon your return.  Once labs have been torn down they cannot be made up.  All videos must be made up.
7.  If you leave class for any unexcused reason, you will be required to stay after class.
8.  Grades are posted on infinite campus.  It is your responsibility to check the grade book on a regular basis.  The grading scale is as follows:
92 and above     A                                                         
90 and above     A-
87 and above     B+
82 and above     B
80 and above     B-
77 and above     C+
72 and above     C
70 and above     C-
67 and above     D+
62 and above     D
60 and above     D-
9.  Only non-programmable calculators are allowed on tests.  Cell phones may not be used in class or as calculators.  Cell phones are placed on table in the front of the room.  Chemical splash goggles must be worn at all times in lab.
10.  Teacher detention may be served before or after school in room 600.  Detention must be made up by the day following the day it was earned unless other arrangements are made.  It is the responsibility of the student to make arrangements for detention the day it was earned.
Hint for success - Concentrate on understanding.  Do not rely on memorizing.