School Social Workers

School Social Workers provide services for students, parents, families and teachers.


Students-School Social Workers can offer academic, emotional,social and career counseling and support.


Parent and Families- school social workers can give skills and support to strengthen relationships with their children and school.


Teachers and other school staff-school social workers work cooperatively with teachers to ensure the best academic progress for all students; also school social workers can provide information and referrals for working with students and families.

School Social Workers can help students explore many different areas and teach valuable skills too

  • Life issues . . .like eating disorders, grief, depression, suicide, self-injury and drug and alcohol use
  • Relationships . . .with parents, friends, teachers, boyfriends, girlfriends, siblings
  • Career and College choices . . .helping students plan for the future by using interest inventories, academic testing, and career counseling
  • School stuff . . .time management, study and test taking skills, learning styles, peer pressure, friendships
  • Other important things . . .like goal setting, self-esteem, anger control, communication, self-image, stress, and problem solving
  • On the lighter side . . .getting and keeping a job, dreams, nutrition, personality and value inventories, mediation, relaxation


While I get to work with kids most of the day, I also work on other district and county wide efforts


  • HS Human Rights Officer
  • Pre-Assessment Team