What is a "final" high school transcript and why is it important?
In order to verify that you have met college admission enrollment requirements, you must have your final high school transcript, including date of graduation, submitted to the Office of Admissions after graduation.

How do seniors request their KMHS "final high school transcript?"
Seniors will be asked to fill out a "senior survey" with Mrs. Bielen, counselor, in March through our Naviance-Family Connection website which will ask seniors what college/university they would like their "final" high school transcript sent to. 

How can students check that the Guidance Office will send their "final transcript" to the correct college?
The Guidance Office will generate a list of "final" high school transcript requests from these senior surveys and post a list on the Guidance Office door/window so students can double check that the correct college for them is listed.

When will the KMHS Guidance Office send "final transcripts" to colleges?
The Guidance Office will send out transcripts, electronically, the week after graduation (once all transcripts have been stamped with the graduation date).

How do I request my college transcript to be sent to my new college I'll be attending next year?
See directions below.

I used my school KoMet email when I created my starid account. How do I change that to my personal email?
  • Go to eservices
  • Login with your starid and password
  • Click on "my profile" in the upper right-hand corner
  • Click on "update account" and you should be able to change your email address to a personal one.
If that doesn't work...try this:
  • Go to eservices
  • Login with your starid and password
  • Click on "account management"
  • Click on "demographic information" and you should be able to change your email address to a personal one here

If students or parents have questions on transcripts please contact Karen Wetzstein, Guidance Office secretary at 634-2981 or


How do I request my "final" SMSU college transcript?

SMSU Transcript Request Process:
High School seniors can request to have their SMSU transcript to be sent to the college or university of your choice.  In order to do so, students will need their STAR ID to complete their transcript request, which they can look up using the StarID Self Service website.  Please make sure to check the box that says “After Grades are Posted.” This will ensure that our Registrar’s Office will verify that all grades have been submitted before sending a transcript, and the student will not have to pay for this service twice.

If students are attending another Minnesota State institution, they do not need to complete this online form.

They can ask the school they will be attending to pull their SMSU transcript free of charge.
Transcript request website:



How do I request my final CLC college transcript for the choir/band credit?
If you would like to request an Official transcript, please visit:  and click on Student Quicklinks, from there click on "Request a Transcript" and follow the link to Official Transcript Request. This will bring you to Dynamic Forms where you can Click on "Create a New Account" to create a username and password to login and fill out our transcript request form electronically.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact CLC at 218-855-8048.



How do I request my final MSU, Mankato final transcript for the Child Development credit?
Please click here for specific directions on how to request.



How do I request my final RCTC college transcript?

If you need an official copy of your transcript, you must make a request to RCTC through the National Clearinghouse. A official transcript cost $7.25/transcript for a two business day turn around time,. For an additional $5/transcript the Admissions office will try and release your transcript within two hours of your request, except during peak periods. All official transcripts go regular postal mail.