Welcome to English 9 with Ms. Fosland. 
I hope that you are ready to work hard and learn each day. Please use the following links to connect with resources for this class:

All course content is provide digitally using our Learning Management System (LMS). Ms. Fosland uses Schoology. Students establish their account of the first day of class. Parents will receive a student-specific code during the first week of class. Follow this link to log in: http://schoology.com

As a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) district, we use Google Drive and a wide collection of Google Applications and Extensions in the classroom and outside of school. The school provides each student with a unique username and password in the komets.k12.mn.us domain. Students should use their school email address for all educational websites and communication. Students should log-in to their personal Drive account to find all of the shared resources for this class. Parents may access some class resources with the following links:

Daily Lesson Plan and Summary: http://goo.gl/Z1ndNH
Class Policy: http://goo.gl/EWuXPq

Students and parents may also find these websites helpful:

For Vocabulary: 
English 9 on Quizlet for Quarter 1 & 3: http://quizlet.com/join/3Qu2sRmWc
English 9 on Quizlet for Quarter 2 & 4: http://quizlet.com/join/BFHMauQVY
For Grammar Review: