Construction Technology: Syllabus

Construction Technology Syllabus
During this course students will construct a 3-4 bedroom home. All phases of rough construction will be covered during quarters 1 and 2. Students will start by building the basement foundation walls, roof, shingles, windows, exterior doors, and stair construction will be covered. During quarters 3 and 4 students will finish the construction of a new home. Siding, HVAC, insulating, finished flooring, trimming and hanging interior doors, and the selling of the home will be covered.

1. Notebook
2. pen/pencil
3. tool belt
4. hammer
5. utility knife
6. chalk line
7. tape measure
8. speed square

Students’ grade for the class will be based on performance on tests, quizzes, lab work, and attendance. Since the majority of the class time will be spent at the construction site working in lab and this time is very difficult to make up, attendance is of utmost importance. Points will be given for tests, quizzes, lab work, and attendance. These points will be totaled and a letter grade will be given according to the following scale:

100-94% = A 93-90% = A- 89-87% = B+ 86-84% = B 83-80% = B- 79-77% = C+
76-74% = C 73-70% = C- 69-67% = D+ 66-64% = D 63-60% = D- <60% = F

It will be the responsibility of the student to make up any classroom assignments or tests if they are absent from class. Outside assignments may be given to make up some of the points missed when absent from lab. Work not made up will be considered “0” points and averaged with other grades.

CLASS RULES: The majority of the students’ time will be spent at the house construction site. In order for things to go smoothly and for work to stay on schedule, the following rules must be followed.

1. Students will work and interact in a way which maintains a safe work environment, which includes following all safety rules
2. Students will work and interact in a way which promotes a good learning environment for all students.
3. The worksite is school property, so all rules and regulations applicable on school property apply to the worksite.


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