Advanced Welding: Syllabus

Welding II Syllabus
This is an advanced welding course. Basic welding skills and terminology will be reviewed and students will concentrate on more challenging welds. With the instructor’s approval, the students will design and construct a project. Projects are expected to be of greater challenge than Welding I projects, such as engine stands, cherry pickers, and trailers. Careers in metal fabrication will also be explored.

1. Notebook
2. pen/pencil
3. Materials for projects

All classroom and lab assignments, tests, and projects will be graded according to a point system. Each student’s points will be totaled and a letter grade will be given according to the following scale:

100-94% = A 93-90% = A- 89-87% = B+ 86-84% = B 83-80% = B- 79-77% = C+
76-74% = C 73-70% = C- 69-67% = D+ 66-64% = D 63-60% = D- <60% = F

The class final exam will count as 20% of the final grade and the rest of the class work and tests will count as 80% of the final grade. It will be the responsibility of the student to make up any classroom assignments or tests if they are absent from class. Work not made up will be considered “0” points and averaged with other grades.

CLASS RULES: Students’ time will be spent both in classroom work and lab assignments and projects. If the following two rules are followed, the quarter should go smoothly.

1. Students will work and interact in a way which maintains a safe work environment, which includes following all safety rules
2. Students will work and interact in a way which promotes a good learning environment for all students.


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