Accounting I: Syllabus

Accounting I
Accounting I

Instructor: Mr. Fernholz Office Phone: 634-1127
Email: Office: Room 100

Materials Needed for this Course:
Students should bring to class on a daily basis:
Workbook or work papers
PENSIL not pen

Course Description:
This course is the study of double-entry bookkeeping for various types of wholesale and retail business. Students learn to record, sort, and analyze business transactions. Students also prepare and analyze financial reports such as income statements and balance sheets. Students “learn by doing.” Students write checks, record cash register tapes, prepare payrolls, calculate deprecation, estimate bad debt, and complete income fax forms. This course would be for all students to gain skills organizing their personal finances, understand how a business earns a profit, as well as exploring a career in accounting.

Grading: A = 90-100%
B = 80-89%
C = 70-79%
D = 60-69%
F = 59% or less

Classroom Rules
• Be in assigned seats at appropriate time, in the room is not good enough!
• Respect the people, equipment, and furnishings of this room.
• Ask permission to use the pass, this is a privilege not a right.
• No Games or Chat lines, if caught students will receive no credit for that day.
• No pop or food.

Plagiarism/Cheating Policy is strongly enforced in this classroom; all students involved will receive an automatic F or the assignment.


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