ART 1-1: Syllabus

ART 1-1 Grades 9-12 Elective.
Andy Warhol-American Pop Art
Art 1-1 is an introductory course to help students understand how elements of art and principles of design interact, support, reinforce, and enrich one another in a work of art. This is accomplished through various art media, studying and being tested on works of art produced by master artists and world cultures. Subject units covered will include portrait and figure studies to tell a story/emotion, student created still-life subjects, action animal studies, landscape/seascape compositions, learning and being tested on art vocabulary to help in written and verbal discussions. Sketchbooks are required for assigned weekly sketches to help students perfect and master drawing skills.
Apron or large paint shirt to protect clothing
Spiral bound sketchbook (8 1/2" X11" or 9" X 12")
Graphite pencils (2B, 4B and 6B)
Erasers (1 kneaded & 1 white plastic, pink pearl or gum)
Ruler (12" or 18")
Small plastic water container that will hold at least 8 oz. of water
Small sponges for wet media projects
Large zip-lock baggie to store supplies in
Pencil case/box or small zip-lock baggie

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