Pottery 1: Syllabus

POTTERY 1 Grades 10-12 Elective
Southwest Native- American Pottery
Pottery 1 is an introductory course in hand-building clay exploration. Students are taught methods and given idea resources to create original forms of pottery. This class progresses logically through how clay is formed, types of clay, clay preparation, tool implementation and construction processes. Pinch, coil, slab, piecing, combined appreciation of pottery produced by master potters of contemporary and ancient cultures are units covered in this course. $10 pottery fee required.
Shirt to protect your clothing
Sketchbook & pencil to record class notes and plan project designs
Black felt tip marker (water soluble) for design work
Folder to keep assignments/assessments in
Large plastic container with lid (gallon size ice cream bucket works well)
Small plastic container for slip (butter or yogurt style)
Large towel for workspace area
Several large garbage bags to cover project during construction process
12" X 12" plywood board to transport and store work in progress on


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