Photos of projects we have completed in Spanish class this school year!

This page is currently under development. Check out this area for pictures of projects we have done this year! **Soon to come pictures of 'Soy de' poems 3rd graders have completed in Fall 2012.  Also pictures of 'tortillas' the 1st graders are making in May 2013, 2nd graders' 'rainsticks' we will be making at the end of the year, 'house' project 4th graders are completing in March 2013, & 'maracas' project 4th graders will be completing at the end of the school year!**

Banderas de paises hispanohablantes (Flags of Spanish-speaking countries)

The following are flags of countries where they speak Spanish; for some it is not their official language but it is spoken by many people there!  The flags are provided from

Soy de... Poem (I come from... Poem)

The third graders have brainstormed ideas to write a poem about themselves in Spanish.  The following are samples of some of last years third grade poems.

The first line is the student's name.
The second line is the continent or country(ies) where their ancestors came from originally.
The third line is the student's favorite color.
The fourth line is the student's favorite subject.
The fifth line is one word (an adjective) which represents or describes the student!