KMHS Transcript Requests
Your high school transcript is the legal record or proof of your high school education. It is often one of the required pieces of information when you apply for college or a job. To request an official transcript, please follow the procedure below. All transcripts are free of charge.

Current KMHS Students:
  • Request your transcript online through Naviance Student. See directions to the right. Contact your counselor if you are having difficulties logging in.

KMHS Graduates (former students)
  • Fill out the e-form to the right with all the requested personal information to identify you properly. If you have any difficulties with the e-form please contact Julie Faulhaber, Guidance Office secretary, via email to assist you.

*Note: for those who choose to pick up your transcript in person or request that they be mailed to themselves, please note that in order for the transcript to remain official, it must be kept in the sealed Kasson-Mantorville High School envelope.


Current KMHS Students-Naviance Transcript Request Directions

KMHS Graduates Transcript Request Form

Final High School Transcript

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