Virtual Counseling 

The KMHS Guidance Office will offer students the option to stay connected with the Guidance Staff even when they are not in school. Through google hang outs, students will be able to make appointments with Mrs. Bielen (Grades 11-2) or Mrs. Klingfus (Grades 9-10) to receive the same help and support they would face to face. Mrs. Bielen and Mrs. Klingfus are also available via email.

Please select an appointment from the time slots below with either Mrs. Bielen or Mrs. Klingfus. An event will be created on your google calendar which will have a google hang outs link. When it is time for your appointment, click the link in your calendar. Google Hangouts is an online video and voice communication platform. We encourage students to be in a quiet area with little or no distractions. Students can access Google Hangouts through their computers or other devices such as their phone.

To schedule an appointment with Mrs. Bielen use this link:  Mrs. Bielen's Virtual Counseling Calendar

To schedule an appointment with Mrs. Klingfus use this link:  Mrs. Klingfus's Virtual Counseling Calendar