Intermediate Algebra is designed to review concepts from Algebra 1 and develop an understanding of new algebra principles and concepts.  In the first term, we will begin by reviewing a few key concepts from last year as well as probabilities, counting techniques, and scientific notation. In the second term, we will be focused heavily on solving and graphing quadratics through a variety of methods as well as some data analysis techniques. 

Materials needed for this class:
-Paper: loose leaf or a notebook, preferably college ruled
-Binder to keep all notes, practice problems, and other handouts
-Pencil and/or pen
-white board marker (any brand or color)
-Calculator: A TI-84 (any version) Graphing Calculator is required for this class. The TI-83 Plus will work as well, but will execute some functions differently. We, as a math department, do not recommend any other brand or model of calculator for this class.

We will have fun this year learning in a variety of ways. All I ask of you is to put forth an honest effort each day. If you put forth an honest effort, we will achieve great things in this class together! I look forward to getting to know you and working with you this semester.

Contact: Mr. Averbeck