Make-up Work:
If you know that you will be gone in advance, you need to check with Mr. Averbeck BEFORE you are absent and make arrangements to make up the material. If you are absent unexpectedly, you will make up any quizzes/assessments the day you return. You will have an additional day to make up a lesson and corresponding work. If you are absent multiple days, please email Mr. Averbeck and he will work with you to determine an appropriate time table for you to catch up upon your return.

student is seated in their assigned desk when the bell rings and begins working on the warm-up.
Every student is prepared for class - writing utensil, paper, binder/folder and calculator with them in class.
Every student will positively participate in class.
Every student will work collaboratively during group activities.
Every student is honest with themselves and the teacher.
RESPECT - yourself, your peers, the teacher, and the classroom.
All students will remain seated until dismissed. The bell does NOT dismiss you!


The district grading scale will be used for this course. Please consult the student handbook if you have any questions regarding percentages for each letter grade. This class will use weighted grades in the following categories:

Quizzes/Formative Assessment - 30% These assessments are like a traditional quiz and will be every two or three lessons to ensure understanding of the concepts. Students will be allowed to make quiz corrections for ⅓ credit back. Students will need to state the error made and correctly resolve the entire problem to earn the ⅓ credit; no partial points will be awarded.

Tests/Summative Assessment - 70% These assessments include, but are not limited to, chapter tests. Each chapter covered will have an assessment at the end. Students will be allowed to retake tests upon completing test corrections. Retakes can be completed before or after school and need to be scheduled with Mr. Averbeck at least one day in advance.

*Note: While practice problems and Daily Self-Checks are not going to be graded for credit, they will be assigned and the expectation is that students have completed them as part of ensuring their own understanding. Daily Self-Checks will provide students a quick way to demonstrate their understanding and receive feedback on a day to day basis.*