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Here is a great resource from the College Board on frequently asked questions about college applications. College Board Article link

Students will usually start applying for colleges in the fall of their senior year (Sept-Dec). They will go to the Admissions website of the college they are applying to and most likely fill out the online application found there. Most students will need to create an account to apply. Make sure to keep your account information somewhere safe as you will need it to log back in to check your admission status.

If you are applying to a Minnesota State College and have already created a MN StarID from taking a college course while in high school then you will go ahead and use that same StarID and password to apply to the Minnesota State College you are applying not create a new StarID.

Application fees depend on the college. The average fee for applying to a college hovers around $35-$50, but it can get as high as $100. Luckily, if this is something you can't afford many schools accept a College Application Fee Waiver. See your school counselor for these forms. Fee waivers are generally given to students who demonstrate financial need.

In Minnesota, during the month of October, it is considered "College Knowledge Month". Participating Minnesota State Colleges and Universities will waive application fees during this month. Find a listing of those schools here.

Although the University of Minnesota system does not participate in the "College Knowledge Month" and waiving fees, they do have a "Share My App" program where if a student applies to the University of MN-Twin Cities first and submits all their application materials and pays the application fee, that student can then request to have their application materials shared with any of the other four University of Minnesota colleges (Duluth, Crookston, Morris, and Rochester) for free. And, the student doesn't need to fill out any further paperwork. This option is not available until October. 

The University of Wisconsin System is waiving college application fees (free) with the exception of UW-Eau Claire ($25), UW LaCrosse ($25) and UW-Madison ($60).

  • Use your formal name (i.e Katherine instead of Kate or Thomas instead of Tom)
    • Your name on your application should be your legal name and match what is on your social security card.
  • It is okay to put your Social Security Number on college applications and financial aid forms.
  • Use a personal email address and NOT your komet email for anything for after graduation. Remember, your komet email will be inactivated after graduation so you would lose correspondence.
  • Entrance status on application
    • Freshman/First Year: This will be the first college or university in which you enroll after graduating high school. Check this even if you have advanced placement (AP) credit, or dual enrollment, or have earned college credit in high school.
  • Do I mark undergraduate or graduate program?
    • High school seniors will mark undergraduate program. Undergraduate programs are 4-year college bachelor's degree programs, or a 2-year associate's degree programs.
You can find your high school course information (course number, credit value, etc) by clicking on this link here.
Here is a handout that lists all of the concurrent enrollment college classes KMHS offers, click here.

Here is another handout that gives directions on how to request your college transcript(s), click here.
Kasson-Mantorville High School uses Naviance Student to send official transcripts to colleges. 

Please follow these directions to request your transcript through Naviance Student, click here.
To register for the ACT test you must create a MyACT account if you haven't done so already. Current juniors will create a MyACT account when they take the ACT test with the school in March. Current seniors should already have a MyACT account created and should be able to log in with their username and password. Here is the link to the MyACT login page.

Please follow this link to ACT's website about sending ACT test scores to colleges.

Google Slides on Sending ACT Test Scores

Searchable database of what colleges are test optional
If you will require letters from teachers, you should request in person, face-to-face. Please provide the teacher with a copy of your activity resume as well as deadlines.  Please request letters at least 2-3 weeks prior to the application deadline.  

If you are using the Common Application, this must also be requested to the teacher through Naviance as the teacher will upload your recommendation to the Naviance program. These letters are considered confidential, so the counselor cannot show them to you.
Note: Colleges typically like to see letters of recommendation from core subject area teachers (11th & 12th) and usually do not require more than 1-3 letters.
**Your request date of completion should not be the same date as your college admission deadlines - remember the counseling office needs a few school days to process your transcripts/letters once we have received the letters.
To check to see if your letters of recommendation have been turned in using Naviance
1.) Go to the "Colleges" tab 2.) "Colleges I'm Applying To" and it will show the teacher's name and if the recommendation has been completed.

Google Slides on Letters of Recommendation

If your application requires an essay, please take your time and proofread!  You may find it helpful to show your rough draft to an English teacher and/or other readers to get input. Make sure your final copy is carefully checked for grammar and spelling. 

If you are applying online, no one will get a chance to proof read it for you. 
Your essay is your chance to make a personal impression - make it a good one!

College Essay Guy website

Princeton Review
The Common Application is a streamlined application system that allows you to apply to multiple schools at once using the same universal application.This process not only saves you time but also alleviates the stress of having to gather various application materials for each of your prospective schools. 

For those unfamiliar with the Common App you can access the Common App's "step-by-step guide" here.

Since KMHS uses Naviance to electronically send transcripts and other application materials we need students who are using the Common App to "match" their Common App account to their Naviance Student account prior to being able to send transcripts or letters of recommendation.

Watch: Click here to learn how to match your Common App to Naviance.

Watch: video tutorial on how to match your Common App to your Naviance account

Note: If a college accepts the common application but also has their own application, use the Common Application if you are applying to multiple schools that use the Common Application.  If the school you are applying to is the only school that accepts the Common Application then use the college specific application.

Common App Essay Prompts
We have all of our scholarship (including the scholarship bulletin) and financial aid info on our "scholarship & financial aid" link found here.
  • Complete your own application. You are the one applying to college.
  • Fill out the application completely, do not leave questions blank.
  • Call the school if you have questions about the application or process.
  • Read over the application for errors. Have a parent proof your application before hitting submit.
  • Keep a copy of your applications and essays.
  • Remember to write a nice thank you note afterward to those individuals that wrote letters of recommendation on your behalf.
  • Remember to allow a few school days for the counseling office to process your applications.
  • Teacher recommendations must be in Naviance before the counseling office can submit your transcripts.
Be aware of your deadlines (you are responsible for knowing the deadline for each of your applications). 

Lastly, DON'T PANIC!: If you get a note from a college saying that part of your application is missing, DON'T PANIC. In all likelihood, it is at the office and simply hasn't been entered into the system yet. Check Naviance to see when your materials were sent, and give the college a few days to sort the mail before you request that we send a second set of documents.

Confused? Questions? Stop into the Guidance Office and we will help! Or, you can call 507-634-2981.
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