Scholarships & Financial Aid
The Guidance Office advertises scholarships as they come in from various scholarship committees.  All copies of the scholarships are available in paper form located in our file cabinets in the Guidance Office or (if available) linked on our scholarship bulletin.

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1. The colleges you are applying to (pay close attention to the deadline for college scholarships)
2. Student or Parents' places of employment 
3. Community Organizations (i.e. church, Legion, Lions, Elks, Boy/Girl Scouts, etc)
4. KMHS Guidance Office
5. Internet/Scholarship Databases

Scholarship Websites:

Scholarships are an excellent source of financial aid because the money awarded does not have to be repaid.  However, scholarships are based on various criteria, usually involving academic or extracurricular achievement.  Therefore, it is important in exploring these opportunities to make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria for each scholarship for which you intend to apply.

Minnesota Office of Higher Education Scholarship Resources
Tons of resources can be found on this link, including a list of scholarship websites.

National Scholarship Search
Available through the Naviance website.  Students must use their login and password.  The National Scholarship Search is under the "college" tab.

Minnesota Career Information System (MCIS)
user name: komets  password: 204
Click on the "Financial Aid Sort" once logged in to use the scholarship finder.  This site provides information on occupations, college searches, and scholarships. 

Fastweb Free Scholarship Search
Matches students with information on scholarships, fellowships, internships, grants, and loans from corporations, institutions, philanthropic organizations, foundations and clubs.

Scholarships Offered By Minnesota Colleges/Universities
Provides scholarships by Minnesota institutions. Alpha listing of institutions.

The College Board
Provides useful information on financial aid available for students and parents as well as college search function.

Provides college and scholarship searches and allows students to apply online to select schools.

Native American Scholarship Database
Native American Scholarships & Grants

Trades Hub| Scholarship Board

One of the very best ways to prepare for scholarship applications is to prepare a personal resume.

A personal resume would include information about your academic achievements, school activity involvement, extracurricular involvement, community service, church activities, work experience and any other relevant experiences.

By preparing such a resume you will be ready to meet any application challenge.  Resumes are also extremely helpful to selection committees as they work to choose the most qualified students for their awards.

Another great way to prepare is to identify teachers, counselors or community members who you would approach concerning a letter of recommendation.

Many teachers will be writing multiple letters, so allow them plenty of time to prepare a quality letter for you.

Be sure to apply for financial aid.  Even if you are not sure of your family's ability to pay for college, you have nothing to lose by applying. Keep good records of your family's income and assets.  These documents will help you greatly to complete applications more quickly and accurately if you have to request additional financial assistance.

Be timely.  Submit your financial aid application as early as you can.  As the year goes on, schools have fewer and fewer financial dollars to give to students.  Even with these precautions, it isn't uncommon to find a school that seems out of your price range.  Don't give up!  Contact the financial aid office of the college in question, to make sure that you have exhausted all options.  Scholarships and other awards, such as grants, are also available to students from many different sources.

Be patient, honest and as thorough as possible.  You most likely will be able to find a solution.

Minnesota has agreements with neighboring states to provide lower tuition for Minnesota residents to attend public colleges and universities in those states. This is called reciprocity. Typically, non-resident admission fees and tuition are reduced (or eliminated) if you're a reciprocity student.

Minnesota has reciprocity agreements with Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota. It also has an agreement with the Canadian province of Manitoba, and a limited agreement with Iowa Lakes Community College in northwestern Iowa.

The Minnesota Office of Higher Education's "Get Ready for College" website has the reciprocity applications.  Students can apply for the following Fall semester after March 1st of every year.
 Scholarship Resources

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 Financial Aid Resources

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